As a member of the local community, I wanted to write to you in a language I thought you would understand better to make our voices heard. It is certain that we cannot make our voices heard in Turkish. 

We are in misery; we are worried about not just the future but even tomorrow. We believe you are. the finance minister of the wealthy, unable to influence the palace and party members, and only able to exert control over us, the local people. I want to say that we are in great pain. 

Dear Mehmet, You have said that the minimum wage of 17,002 TL is fantastic, excellent, and superb.  You also showed the minimum wages in developed countries as a basis for this. 

Look, Mehmet; let me give you the proportion of people working at the minimum wage in some European countries: 

🇷🇴Romania: 21%🇵🇱Poland: 17%🇧🇬Bulgaria: 14%🇱🇹Lithuania: 13%🇮🇪Ireland: 11%🇭🇷Croatia: 10%🇪🇺EU average: 9% 🇩🇪Germany, 6%🇳🇱Netherlands 3% 

So, what is the situation in our country? Let me tell you: 57%. Wave the flags, wave, wave!! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

In other words, 57% of our local working population has to make do with the minimum wage. But It doesn't matter, right? After all, in your view, our minimum wage is quite sufficient.

But we see another problem. Let me try to explain it briefly with an example. Below are the current prices at a middle-class market in Germany. 

The local people know our figures very well, but I think you should take a look too. 

This is probably clearer; in Turkey, with one minimum wage, you can buy 38 kilos of ground meat, While in Germany, with one minimum wage, you can buy 178 kilos of ground meat. 

For example, a minimum-wage worker in Germany has to work for 9.5 months to buy a Fiat Egea. Cross Lounge. A minimum-wage worker in Turkey has to work for 67.8 months. 

Look, Mehmet, don't you think there is something strange here? According to this calculation, 7 Turks equal one German. 

Tens of thousands of people told you this, but they all addressed you in Turkish. I wanted to try my luck this way. 

Sell 11 of the president's 12 planes, close the palace, and isn't that enough for you? Nationalize the roads and bridges with transition guarantees, hospitals with patient guarantees, and airports with passenger guarantees, or reduce them to reasonable, logical levels. 

The people whose taxes you forgive millions of liras are the richest in Turkey. 

For example, Sabancı, Mehmet Cengiz... Don't touch the locals while not touching the rich prominent people,our patience is running thin. 

Instead of chasing after the waiter's tip tax, isn't it more logical, dear Mehmet? 

There is much more, but I think you already know it well. 

Please think about it. 

With the deepest respect, one of the local people.

İngilizcem sayın bakana yaklaşamaz ama Türkçe asla anlatamadığımız dertlerimizi bir de böyle anlatmayı denedim. 

Bi ihtimaldir dedim. See you...